ULW Technology

  • Upto 25% lighter than regular cast wheel
  • TPMS Compatible
  • Widths ranging from 7.5" to 14"
  • Lip sizes ranging from 3" to 7"
  • 6061 forged rim barrel with ultra light weight cast centre

There are 950 million cars running on the road of the Earth everyday, which carbon dioxide (C02} emission is about 22,000tons/km.
It is estimated there shall be 1.12billion cars on the Earth in year 2015.
Weight reduction of car wheel by 1kg is equivalent to weight reduction of the whole car by 15kg.
An "Ultra-light" aluminum wheel is 2kg lighter than regular aluminum wheel.
In year 2008, all cars on the Earth burned around 1,689 billion tons of oil.
Reducing car weight by 100kg leads to a fuel savings of 0,6 litre/100km.
When "Ultra-light” wheels are used to all the cars on the Earth, the consumption of fuel will be cut 9.3million tons every year
(Ultra-light wheel technology saves fuels by 7%}, and reduce carbon dioxide (C02} emissions by 21 million of tons.

What's an Ultra Light car wheel?
By using the patent ULW technology and multiple structure wheel technology, the wheel's structure has been innovated.
Comparing with traditional wheels, the wheels are much lighter, stronger, and fuel saving.

Material property of aluminum wheel in ULW and Traditional technology

Lmv Press Wheel Forging Wheel ULW  Wheel
Hardness 70-85 80-95 80-95
Tensile strenght 210-230mpa 290-320mpa 280-310MPa
Elongation 3-7% 10-15% 9-14%

Application of ultra light technology in wheel manufacture

For wheels in the same size, The offset can be adjusted easily by ULW technology.
Lightweight is the trend of automobile material developing.
Reducing weight of regular auto parts by 1% shall save fuel by 1%,
Reducing weights of moving parts by 1% shall save fuel by 2%. According to EAA's data (htp://www.eaa.neUen}, reducing car weight by 100kg leads to a fuel saving of 0.61itre/10km, and reduce exhaust emissions. The weight in the body is around 30% of car's weight.

When regular wheels are replaced by ultra light wheels, if each wheel weight is cut by 1kg, the whole car weight is reduced 4kg,it's equivalent  to 60kg of weight reduction in the body since the effect of lower weight is 15 times of that of upper weight, and thus improve the driving performance and fuel savings.

Performance difference between ULW wheel and traditional wheel
Ultra light wheel will reduce resistance to car's running and improve the performance of car. According to the running test the wheel are conducted by the third party's lab. Ultra light wheel could increase the fuel dosage rate by 7%, speed time for 30-100km/h is shortened by 1 second for ultra light wheel.